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Fishing Sterlet in Serbia is officialy banned!

Posted on 18 December 2018
Too small sterlet being sold in Zemunik market in Serbia
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Belgrade  - Ministry of Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia has adopted the permanent fishing ban on Sterlet, which will significantly contribute to the restoration of populations of this endangered fish species.
WWF Adria had conducted a study in June, showing that in Serbia, Sterlet is intensively fished during the seasonal spawning ban, under the legally allowed size of 40 cm, whilst being sold illegally in restaurants and markets across Serbia. WWF expects this to be stopped thanks to the newest change in regulations.
“The introduction of the ban is a result of the joint work of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and WWF Adria, which shows the importance of cooperation between state institutions and civil society organizations. According to the "Environmental Report in the Republic of Serbia" in 2017, the catch of Sterlet increased by about 44%. We believe that the ban on fishing will enable the restoration of population of this species, which is very vulnerable worldwide. This is a great success for the conservation of nature in Serbia”, said Duška Dimović from WWF Adria.
According to the IUCN’s Red list, Sterlet is marked as an endangered species due to overfishing, destruction of natural habitats and pollution. The initiative of WWF was supported by United Anglers of Serbia and Association of Commercial Fishermen.
We want to commend a successful example of cooperation between the expert public, civil society organizations and the relevant ministry on the protection and conservation of biodiversity and the fish fund. At the same time, we invite all competent institutions to make additional efforts in order to bring this permanent ban, but also all other obligations in the protection of the fish fund, into operation. We hope that this will not be one of the situations when law-regulated rules remain just on paper", said Executive Director of United Fishermen of Serbia, Ljubomir Pejčić.
Sterlet ban will be in power starting from 1st of January 2019.
Too small sterlet being sold in Zemunik market in Serbia
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