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Nature Protection in the Service of Local Development

Posted on 03 May 2019
Zrmanja River, Croatia
MUŠKOVCI, CROATIA – Numerous nature lovers gathered from the 26th to 28th of April at the Zrmanja Adventures Festival in Muškovci, near Obrovac, in order to enjoy various adventuring feats such as the Sup Relay, Run & Raft Trail, and educational activities like the round table on Nature Protection in the Service of Local Development and Schools in Nature.

The round table on Nature Protection in the Service of Local Development, with support from WWF Adria, was held on 27th of April, gathering organizers, scientists, representatives of the City of Obrovac, the Nature Park Velebit, the Tourist Board Obrovac, the Public Institution Natura Jader, and representatives of the Eko-Zrmanja Association.

The emphasis of the round table was on the necessity of planning and strategic management of this pristine landscape, as well as the importance of more investment of Zadar County for the development of this area. An example of positive cooperation was presented by Zrinka Delić from the WWF through the example of the Tourist Cluster Una-Sana and the work with the local population in that area.

One of the main conclusions was that it is important to permanently protect the Zrmanja and Krupa rivers from the construction of hydroelectric power plants and that all protection mechanisms need to be based on scientifically grounded facts, especially in the segment of economic development of the Zrmanja and Krupa. All participants agreed that all development must be based on sustainability, especially tourism, with the focus on untouched nature.

"Zrmanja can become an example of a well-preserved river that offers its people economic development and therefore we want to use it as a pilot for the mechanism of permanent river protection," said Irma Popović Dujmović from WWF Adria.

Lively discussions between government representatives, public institutions and civil society organizations prove the need for more such opportunities. Furthermore, they highlighted the importance of including the local community in the decision-making processes, especially regarding the development of the area. That is crucial for the preservation of the valuable landscape shaped by the Zrmanja and Krupa rivers.

The festival concluded with a presentation of the School in Nature, hosted by our Sonja Bađura, while our associates placed second in the SUP Relay and first in the Run & Raft discipline (RR-6).
Zrmanja River, Croatia
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Round table discussion
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School in Nature
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