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Kosovo's mountainous and picturesque landscape, scene of numerous historical battles, today entices and fascinates tourists who do not seek luxury hotels or fancy restaurants. Besides amazing natural beauty Kosovo* is home to a rich cultural heritage from the times of the Ottoman Empire, centuries old Serbian Orthodox monasteries and vineyards and more recent architecture.
Protected areas
WWF`s work in Kosovo* began in 2012 through the project Dinaric Arc Parks. Bjesket e Nemuna, Sharri National Parks and Germia protected area, together with the natural monument Mirusha, became members of the association Parks Dinarides, a network of protected areas .
Representatives of the mentioned protected areas participated in WWF study tours and on three international Dinaric Arc Parks conferences.
 In June 2013 Sharri National park was one of the hosts on the DAP study tour through Kosovo* and Macedonia. 

WWF is currently implementing Protected Areas for Nature and People. towards the sustainable use of natural resources in the Dinaric Arc region as a foundation for socio-economic development. Kosovo* is one of the countries where the project is being implemented through the field project in Germia protected area. WWF, in cooperation with local NGO Ecopana, is working to develop Germia as an urban park, an example to similar areas in urban regions to promote nature conservation through the implementation of a variety of programmes for the education and mobilisation of citizens.
In 2014 WWF carried out the Protected Area Benefits Assessment in Sharri National Parks and Germia protected Area.

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