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Make a difference for marine conservation and coastal communities in Croatia with WWF Adria

WWF International has 4 openings through its Youth Volunteer Internship Programme to work on marine related issued in Croatia!

Location: WWF Adria (based in Zagreb, Croatia) and Lastovo Islands marine protected area (MPA)

Assignment dates: 1 April to 31 September 2020

Language required: good level of English, knowledge or understanding of Croatian is not required but it is a plus

Working with: WWF Adria Marine Programme and WWF Conservation Director, Lastovo Islands MPA, partners of the Blue Business Incubator on Lastovo (Vertigo Lab, Impact Hub Zagreb, PEAK DMC, Cooperative for Ethical Financing), WWF partners (NGO Sunce, NGO BIOM)

Age Category: 19-27 years

Volunteers cover their travel costs to the destination, and their subsistence (food) locally. WWF cover the accommodation, assignment related travel in country and medical insurance for the duration of the assignment.
Mission of the Department: WWF Adria is established as a strong WWF network presence in the Western Balkans, a key conservation actor rooted in societies across the eight countries of the region, able to catalyze a wide range of partnerships and alliances towards delivering critical contributions to WWF Global Goals. In the operational sense, we are a part of the WWF Mediterranean Programme whose mission is conservation and sustainable management of forests, marine and freshwater ecosystems, and protected areas in the Mediterranean region. The main goal of WWF Adria is protection of the natural environment, biodiversity and ecological processes in the Dinaric Arc area.
I. Major Functions: You will be a part of the of WWF marine team of 4 volunteers based on Lastovo Islands Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Croatia, one of the most biologically preserved areas in the Mediterranean and WWF conservation priorities. Your major role will be to maintain and develop WWF Adria Marine Programme field presence on Lastovo Islands MPA through direct support to implementation of Transforming Small Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean project and projects initiatives while building rapport with WWF partner organizations, institutions and local community. You will be engaging with local leaders, fishers, entrepreneurs and conservationists on thematics such as small scale fisheries, MPA management and conservation communication as well as sustainable blue economy, building the first Mediterranean sustainable blue business incubator.
II. Profile: Qualifications, Skills and Competencies
 Desirable Master’s degree in communications, public relations, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, tourism, biology, fisheries, agronomy or related fields.
Experience of dealing with small/remote communities in a sensitive and effective way is a plus;
Experience in action-based learning and innovation processes and/or education within design thinking, rapid prototyping, emerging technologies, market research, business modelling, financial planning, project management, lean startup or social entrepreneurship;
Understanding of linkages between conservation and human well-being, linkages between conservation and development and complex relationship between natural resource and human society is a plus;
Ability to inspire, excite and engage people in experimentation and unleashing their potential to innovate;
Interest in working with entrepreneurs, partners, NGOs and other stakeholders understanding their needs and creating opportunities for collaboration;
High level of empathy with high tolerance to communication differences;
Ability to work in a team and motivate stakeholders;
Good written and verbal communication in English or/and Croatian. 
III. Roles and their scope
1. Marketing, Communication and Design – 1 position
 Proactively create editorial content (stories, photos, advocacy images, audio, video, infographics, etc.) to support the implementation of Transforming Small Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean project on Lastovo Islands MPA as well as regionally and promote fisheries co-management;
Co-create and co-implement Lastovo Blue Business Incubator visibility and promotion action plan;
Assess the effectiveness of Lastovo Islands MPA present communication works and existing communication strategies and develops recommendations for improvements to fill identified gaps and shortcomings and provides communication training for MPA staff;
Adapt for media pitching, web and social media, posting to respective channels;
Support WWF or partner organizations in organization of events/workshops/trainings related to implementation of WWF Adria projects on Lastovo;
Build capacity of Lastovo Islands MPA staff and Local Ecotourism Cluster in storytelling;
Coordinate and manage the creation and running of digital content such as websites, blogs, press releases and podcasts, infographics, videos etc.
Works closely with other members of the volunteer team. 
2. Business/entrepreneurship/community livelihood development – 2 positions
 Assist implementation of market objectives of Transforming Small Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean project on Lastovo Islands MPA - support to operation of the local fishery co-management, help improve fisheries market value chain, build interactions with Fishery Local Action Group to support funding for local fishers, assists fishers with applications to European Maritime and Fisheries Fund – EMFF;
Support development of unique local Blue Business Incubator based on WWF principles for sustainable blue economy aimed at integration of local economic development and nature conservation;
Support development of business ideas within local Blue Business Incubator – business model development, financial planning, exploration of funding opportunities, market research;
Works closely with other members of the volunteer team 
3. Biodiversity monitoring/ and sustainable fisheries – 1 position
 Assist implementation of Transforming Small Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean project on Lastovo Islands MPA - support to management of the local fishery co-management, interactions with Fishery Local Action Group, assist fishers with applications to European Maritime and Fisheries Fund – EMFF,…);
Support development of fishery related business ideas within local Blue Business Incubator;
Provide support to MPA management institutions in running biodiversity monitoring (fish stocks, marine birds). 
IV. Working Relationships:
Internal – Interacts regularly with WWF Adria Conservation and Communication managers and Marine Programme Manager and Officers
External - Works with MPA management and WWF partner organizations, interacts with local governmental organizations, community based organizations, and visitors.
This job description covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs.

How to apply?
Please complete the online Application Form and your CV. If you already submitted a spontaneous online application in the past, please inform of your interest in this assignment by email to
Deadline to apply: 31st January 2020
WWF is an equal opportunity employer and committed to having a diverse workforce. 

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