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Nature needs our love

WWF has launched a regional campaign "Love It or Lose It" which invites us all to love nature so that it does not disappear.

ZAGREB – On Valentine's Day, WWF has launched a regional campaign called "Love It or Lose It", declaring 2022 a key year to show our love for nature, upon which all humanity depends.

In line with its mission to protect wildlife and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature, WWF campaign represents areas of our region without which it would be completely different: the Adriatic Sea, pristine forests, clean rivers, protected areas that provide us with stable climate and Dinaric karst. Many of these places will disappear if we continue to have harmful effects - from uncontrolled deforestation, river regulation, overfishing to air pollution.

“Our nature has never been under more pressure, and we have already lost a large number of species and habitats. It is time to show love to nature ", points out Petra Boić Petrač, Director of Communications at WWF Adria. "Love is the most precious resource we have and without it we cannot progress. When we love something, we want to protect it. We respect and cherish what we love. By showing love for nature, we can help ensure its survival, and we need that for our survival. "

Throughout the year, WWF will present specific places through this campaign, without which our region would not be so special. From karst phenomena such as the national parks of Bjeshkët e Nemuna, Krka,, Prokletije or Triglav, caves such as Grabovača, Vjetrenica or Postojna Cave, freshwater ecosystems such as Skadar Lake, Mirusha Waterfalls, or the European Amazon which UNESCO declared a five-country biosphere reserve last year; amazing forest areas of the national parks Sutjeska or Tara, to beautiful marine parks such as Lastovo, Telašćica or Vlora Bay with the National Marine Park Karaburun-Sazan. 

WWF in the campaign, published on wwfadria.org, uses a new version of Elvis Presley's song "Love Me Tender" sung by American singer-songwriter K.S. Rhoads. Along with the two videos, the campaign will be accompanied by a series of social media posts with which WWF will raise awareness of the need to protect our unique nature. The campaign shows the relationship we have with nature and what we could lose if we don’t love it enough to preserve it. Take a peek into nature that we must not lose!
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love it or lose it

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