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Europe has an immense heritage of natural areas and species: virgin forests like Bialowieza in Poland, beautiful lakes, oceans, rivers and wetlands like UNESCO Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube, Doñana in Spain, and thousands of unique animals, such as lynx, wolves, bears, turtles and whales. 

Spending time in nature and appreciating the richness of its sounds bring also enormous benefits to our health and wellbeing.

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Europe’s Environment Ministers and the Juncker Commission in Brussels are currently deciding whether to change the EU Nature Laws that have, for more than 25 years, helped protect this natural heritage.

An important discussion will take place on 28-30 June in Amsterdam, and final decisions on the future of these laws are expected to be taken in the coming months. Your songs will help us turn up the volume of nature, and ensure that EU Nature Laws are not changed but properly implemented across Europe.


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