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Ways to Support WWF

You can have an extraordinary, positive impact on our natural world. When you help WWF protect species, you contribute to a thriving, healthy planet. However you choose to support WWF, we are deeply grateful.

In WWF Adria, we have two ways of donations:

Regular monthly donations will empower WWF to do even more. By giving monthly you can help protect some of our most vulnerable species and the habitat they call home. Your monthly donation helps us to protect, save and restore our region's most important places and change the way we live on our fragile planet for nature and for you.

You can decide to give a one-off donation. Every bit helps in our efforts to secure a prosperous future. 

No credit card? Your generous donation can be easily transferred by the bank account:
WWF Adria
Zagreb, Croatia
BAN: HR0923600001102473399

We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet. And we could be the last that can do anything about it. Help us make a difference!

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