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What We Do?

Telašćica Nature Park, Croatia.
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WWF in the Dinaric Arc region

In the Dinaric Arc region, which is a part of the Mediterranean and Danube-Carpathian ecoregions, WWF is present from the start of this century. Through fourteen projects we have successfully contributed to the conservation of biodiversity. Knowing well the local circumstances and true needs, we have brought forth top international experiences and knowledge in nature protection.
In the beginning of 2015, WWF Adria was founded and resides in Croatia, actively working in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.  In the operational sense, we are a part of the WWF Mediterranean Programme whose mission is conservation and sustainable management of forests, marine and freshwater ecosystems, and protected areas in the Mediterranean region.
Main Activities of WWF Adria
Protected areas – We promote the establishment and proper management of protected areas, as well as close networking with the local population and stakeholders, emphasising their ecosystem benefits offered to people who live in their vicinity. We also encouraged the founding of the association “Dinaric Arc Parks- a network of protected areas of the Dinarides”, whose members include 50 parks of the region.
Freshwater – We work on revitalization and protection of river ecosystems and wetlands in the Dinaric Arc region, raising awareness of the dangers of hydropower plant construction for biodiversity and local communities. We support recognition of the Trans-boundary Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube through Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia by UNESCO.
Forests – We are working on the advancement of processes for declaring high conservation value forests in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as support the process of their certification. We encourage the development of unique FSC standards for management of forest resources, conduct educational seminars and support the process of development of Forestry Law of the Federation of B&H.
Seas – We cooperate with marine protected areas through the development of sustainable economic activities and promotion of sustainable tourism based on natural resources. We promote sustainable fisheries by supporting both the fishermen and the recovery of fish stock in developing countries.
Awareness Raising – We conduct educational campaigns and are actively working with schools to raise awareness of children and adults about environmental problems. In order to ensure the continuation of life on the planet, we must all work together to reduce our ecological footprint.
Capacity Building - We conduct trainings and experience exchange workshops for employees of protected areas and relevant institutions, as well as representatives from non-governmental organisations, to ensure a more effective protection of nature in the entire region.
Sustainable Business – We cooperate with corporations to raise awareness of the principles of sustainable development and socially responsible business. We encourage companies to actively take part in solving environmental problems.