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Forest of Tuzla Kanton, BiH
© Bruno Marić

Responsible Forest Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Dinaric Arc region is a forest heaven. WWF is promoting responsible forest management in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support sustainable development.
More than half of the surface area of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is covered with forests. Forest resources are perceived mainly as a source of raw material, firewood and income (primarily through higher value forest products). At a national level wood, with electricity, is the main export commodity. 

WWF started a project to promote responsible forest management to support sustainable development in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012, funded by IKEA. In the first phase of the project, concerned with preventing illegally harvested timber reaching EU markets by certifying forests in Tuzla Canton, and promoting responsible forest management in BiH, the achievements included:
  • Public enterprise Forests of Tuzla Canton (Sume TK) FSC-certified more than 56 000 hectares of forest, while the wood processing company Ramex Ltd. received the FSC Chain of Custody certificate;
  • Sume TK management board accepted and approved an action plan to combat illegal logging;
  • Dialogue between Sume TK and Ramex Ltd. on the continuous supply of certified timber was established;
  • Ramex Ltd. has been able to reduce labour cost and time because they do not have to separate non-certified from certified timber supplied from Sume TK
  • All GIS data about High Conservation Value Forests in Tuzla Canton are incorporated in the HABEAS database and are accessible online.

Recognise the value of our nature

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Find data, stories and best practice examples of how natural values can be sustainably used to contribute to the economic and social development of our region.
Forest in Bosnia and Herzegovina
© Bruno Maric

Creating FSC Standard of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The current phase of the project began in 2014. It includes a broader scope of topics, identifed as necessary in BiH.  The development of FSC standards for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and awareness raising on the importance of EU timber regulations has involved all three BiH entities. Beside forest certification in the central Bosnian Canton, WWF facilitated the development of the new law on forests for the Federation of BiH, while upgrading the tool for identification of high conservation value forests is next on the project agenda.
All these components contribute to helping BiH in the EU accession process.
FSC logo painted on sustainably harvested logs. Uzachi forest, Oaxaca, Mexico 
	© N.C. Turner / WWF
FSC logo painted on sustainably harvested logs. Uzachi forest, Oaxaca, Mexico
© N.C. Turner / WWF