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Amazon of Europe
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Coop MDD - Transboundary management programme for the planned 5-country UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube”

Spanning across Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia, the riverine landscape of the lower courses of the Drava and Mura and related Danube sections form a 700 kilometres long “green belt” connecting almost 1,000,000 hectares of highly valuable natural and cultural landscapes into one of Europe’s most important bio-corridors.
Since 1993, NGOs and public authorities have cooperated to work towards the protection of this unique landscape. This process is now culminating as the official nomination to UNESCO is under way in all countries. This will lay the foundation of the world’s first five country Transboundary Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube” (TBR MDD) - the “Amazon of Europe”.
Now however, we need to build the house. Through strengthening the cooperation between protected area administrations and raising awareness for the need of protection with local public and relevant authorities, project partners aim to create conditions for the successful management of the TBR MDD.

The main project output - the Transboundary Management Programme for River-Dynamic Corridor Development - should become the baseline strategic and operational work programme towards establishment and successful management of the TBR MDD. It will ensure harmonized management practices and well-functioning cooperation among the various management authorities.

Pilot implementation actions bring the Transboundary Management Programme to the ground: Local Action Plans addressing concrete river restoration measures and continuous stakeholder involvement translate the transnational work to specific smaller region. River Schools will support environmental education and thus raise understanding of the need for transboundary nature protection activities.

Amazon of Europe is a stunning river landscape that hosts an amazing biological diversity and is a hotspot of rare natural habitats such as large floodplain forests, river islands, gravel and sand banks. This project is an important step towards coherent protection and management of these habitats across borders, while ensuring support and engagement of the local public. 
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