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River Watchers

"River Watchers" on the patrol along the Drava River
© Filip Jalušić / WWF
River Watchers are a part of the Amazon of Europe project conducted in partnership with local NGOs (Croatian Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature, Green Osijek, Zeus, Matis, Baobab, and Nature Society Drava).
River Watchers regularly patrol 470km of the Mura, Drava and Danube river flow. If they see anything inappropriate they notify the competent authorities and, if activities are not in line with EU directives, also the European Commission. In the most urgent cases the media is alerted. River Watchers also carry out scientific research and bird counting.

To find out more about the work of River Watchers follow our blog and Facebook site.

Coordinator of River Watchers: Dinko Pešić, dinko@zeleni-osijek.hr


6   NGOs

20 "River Watchers"

470 km of river flow
	© A. Mohl / WWF
Extraction of gravel from the Drava River
© A. Mohl / WWF
	© Goran Šafarek
Colonies of sand martins on the Drava River
© Goran Šafarek
"River Watchers" on the protest in Zagreb