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Civil society acts for environmentally sound socio-economic development (CO – SEED)

Logo of the CO-SEED project
Declining natural resources, loss of biodiversity and climate change seriously threaten the environmental conditions necessary for human existence and the foundations of our economic prosperity. All these problems stem from the overuse of natural resources, which can be remedied, if we follow sustainable development principles when planning the use of natural assets. Sustainable development, in addition to better management of natural resources, would add to inclusive and participatory decision making, and democratization of society.
Within this context, the Project titled Civil Society Acts for Environmentally Sound Socio-Economic Development aims to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources through improved regulatory framework and more participatory and transparent decision-making processes, which involve a vibrant group of civil society organizations and increased attention of the media on the topic, with benefits for society at large.
Specific objective - by the end of the Action civil society organizations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey are engaged as equal stakeholders with Public authorities and Professional companies in their national processes of legislative revisions and decision-making
on Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) through inter alia increased media attention.
Achievement of this objective will be built on successfully implementing the four expected results aimed at:
1. Capacity building
2. Legislative improvement
3. Active participation
4. Awareness raising

The Project implementation started in February 2016 and has a duration of 36 months. It involves five nongovernmental organizations responsible to implement this Action in five beneficiary countries namely: Albania - INCA - Instituti per Ruajtjen e Natyres Shqiptare Shoqata, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Dinarica, Montenegro- GreenHome, Serbia - BPSSS - Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia, and Turkey – WWF Turkey. WWF Adria has an advisory role in the project.
The project is funded by the European Union through the European Union’s civil society facility and media programme 2014-2015 - Support to regional thematic networks of Civil Society Organisations.