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Cliffs in Telascica Nature Park in Croatia are the main symbol of the park
© Romano Petesic

Effective Management of Marine Protected Areas

WWF is supporting the establishment and effective management of marine protected areas in the Dinaric Arc region  to reach the Aichi target of 10% coverage of marine and coastal protected areas. WWF is investing a lot of effort in the promotion of sustainable fisheries by supporting both fishermen and recovery of fisheries resources.   

The SEA-Med Project in Croatia aims at implementing the management plans of Lastovo Islands and Telascica Nature Parks, developing a sustainable tourism plan to advance sustainable tourism practices, promote nature-based tourism initiatives, and identify MPA financing mechanisms as well as promote sustainable fisheries.

The SEA-Med Project in Albania supports the emergence of an empowered Albanian conservation community which can contribute to and benefit from the participatory planning and management of economic activities in the Vlora region. It also supports the development of a sustainable tourism management plan for the Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park and surrounding area, the advancement of more sustainable practices within the tourism sector in the Vlora region and the intensification of the associated local nature-based tourism offer.

What we do on marine issues?

Recognise the value of our nature

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Find data, stories and best practice examples of how natural values can be sustainably used to contribute to the economic and social development of our region.
Ugly Fish Croatia
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Fish Forward: choosing sustainable seafood products

WWF started the European Year of Development 2015  with work on promoting the importance of choosing sustainable seafood products. People all over Europe will be encouraged to look beyond the borders of the countries in which they live and learn more about how the selection of products from fisheries impacts on society and the environment.

WWF works to increase the knowledge and awareness of consumers, the corporate sector and governments regarding the way in which sustainable seafood products can make a difference. In this respect global poverty reduction and environmental improvement are at the heart of the Fish Forward project, co-financed by the European Union. Activities will be carried out in 11 European countries over the next three years.
Fish Forward predstavljanje projekta u Hrvatskoj  
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From the project launch event in the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia
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Ambassadors of Fish Forward

The Esplanade Hotel chef Ana Grgić, TV-anchor Barbara Kolar and stand-up comedian Marina Orsag are official ambassadors of the Fish Forward project in Croatia