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Vuk je strogo zaštićena vrsta u Hrvatskoj
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With its beautiful rivers and waterfalls, lakes and wetlands, numerous islands and spectacular coast, dangerous yet challenging peaks, virgin forests and thousands of unique and rare species, the Adria region is a special world, much of it still undiscovered. Many of the most important natural areas are protected as a part of national or nature parks.
One of the persistent challenges in securing protected areas (PAs) assets are diffused sustainable management services, collectively very important but relatively small for individuals. As well, unsustainable use of resources provides benefits to only a few people. Competences of PAs practitioners to adapt to new needs and threats, especially those bringing large benefits, such as tourism, need to be enhanced.
Adria region is a biodiversity hotspot and WWF commit to priority species and takes a range-wide approach to their conservation. Based on the Living Planet Report data of over 57% of biodiversity globally being lost, WWF Adria’s vision is to keep wildlife thriving in the whole region
  • The number of protected and well-managed areas, including ecological networks Natura 2000 and Emerald network, are increased in the Adria region.
  • The conservation status of species and habitats in the Adria region is improving.
  • Innovative approach in community co-existence with wildlife is supporting a positive relationship between people and large carnivores.

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