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Carnivora Dinarica

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Cross-border cooperation for the long-term preservation of the large carnivores

The main purpose of the Carnivora Dinarica project is to improve the large carnivores conservation - Eurasian lynx, wolf and bear - in the Natura 2000 sites: Javorniki - Snežnik and Notranjski trokut in Slovenia and in the region of Gorski kotar and northern Lika in Croatia. The project encompasses a cross-border forest area, unique in Central Europe, where about 20 lynxes, 60 wolves and 700 bears are present in the same area.

Preservation of their long-term presence is of great importance for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems of the cross-border area of Slovenia and Croatia. Considering the good connection and the passage of this area, interstate cooperation is of crucial importance.

The project focuses on the three most important common challenges:

1) improving the strategy and eliminating shortcomings in the transboundary management of large beasts;
2) reducing the risks that endanger large carnivores, especially increasing pressures coming from people (traffic, agricultural damage and habitat fragmentation); and
3) (not) understanding the role of large carnivores in ecosystems.
Expected results of the project include improved cross-border conservation and management of large carnivores by harmonizing methodologies for monitoring wolf and lynx populations, a better understanding of threats to the connectivity of habitats, better understanding of large carnivores ecosystems as a result of better cooperation between institutions of both countries.
Special attention will be paid to reducing the risks that endanger the conservation of large carnivores. For this purpose, ten demonstration activities will be carried out.
Among the most important are the establishment of agricultural good-practices, donation of the fences for the prevention of damage, breeding of guard dogs, setting of dynamic signalling on the roads to prevent accidents in traffic, the construction of a shelter for abandoned lynxes in National park Risnjak, setting the "bare-safe" waste bins, implementing measures for directing visits in the area of NP Risnjak, Snežnik and the part of the Kupa, and establishing a center for raising awareness about large carnivores in Pivka, "Zvjerinjak".

An important part of the activity is dedicated to working with people in order to improve skills, knowledge and awareness of the importance of large carnivores and ways of coexistence with them. This will be achieved through an extensive communication campaign and training of national and local stakeholders as well as other interested in the project area.

"Cross-border cooperation and ecosystem services in the long-term preservation of large carnivores populations in the northern Dinarides" is the full name of the project, which has officially begun on September 1st, 2018.

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Project budget

The co-financing of the project is guaranteed under the program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia. The project worth € 2,347,340 will run for 30 months, until the end of February 2021.
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For more information, contact:

Aleksandra Majić Skrbinšek, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnology Faculty, Department of Biology (+386 1 3203 336,

or one of the Croatian partners:
Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb, Slaven Reljić,, +385 91 584 6114;
Public institution Risnjak National Park, Dragan Turk,, +385 99 348 0001

WWF Adria, Andrea Štefan,, +385 95 256 7771,
Pinija Poljaković,, +385 95 376 0822

City of Vrbovsko, Dražen Mufić,, +385 99 4479 644

Primorsko-goranska county, Blaženka Kulić,, +385 51 351 265, Ivan Filipović,, +385 51 351 270, Melita Raukar,, +385 51 351 260