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Dr. Deni Porej named director of WWF Adria

Posted on 04 April 2018
Deni Porej
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A biologist by profession, Deni is a graduate of University of Belgrade, with a Ph.D. in Evolution and Ecology from The Ohio State University. His interests include wetlands, invasive species, conservation planning, as well as crocodiles and salamanders. Deni started his career as a Director of Conservation Science at The Nature Conservancy OHFO. In 2007 he returned to Europe, working as a Conservation Programmes Director at WWF Mediterranean Programme, where he led a team of over 40 staff working across the Mediterranean basin. He continued serving at this position until April 2nd this year, when he was appointed as director of WWF Adria.
"In the past 10 years, we have invested a lot of efforts to build WWF’s presence in the Adria region. The position of CEO in this organization is a challenge and responsibility I welcome at this point in my career. I am looking forward to lead a great team of enthusiasts who love nature, and have dedicated their life to it.
“Our region is the biodiversity hot-spot of Europe, and is one of the most spectacular regions globally. Our long term prosperity and well-being depends on our ability to preserve and enhance the environmental and social capital while we develop our economies, rather than sacrificing it," says Deni Porej.
"Our organization works to make better and more meaningful involvement of local communities in decisions about the use of natural resources - fish, rivers, wildlife, protected areas... I believe that in this aspect all the countries we work in want to make rapid progress. We are here to help grow our civil sector, help business partners engage and support  state institutions in improving efficiency in policy development ," he concludes.
WWF is one of the world's largest and most respected independent organizations for nature protection. It was founded in 1961, with nearly six million supporters and a global network active in more than hundred countries. In our region WWF has been operating since the beginning of this century through partnerships with other non-governmental organizations. WWF Adria was officially established in 2015. The work of the organization in the region is aimed at improving sustainable management of rivers, wetlands, forests and protected areas, and the conservation of the sea.
Deni Porej
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