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DRAVA LIFE project presented at LIFE Info Day in Zagreb

Posted on 09 May 2018
DRAVA LIFE info dan
© Denis Povijač

Zagreb - LIFE Info Day was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy on 7th of  May 2018 in order to inform about the ongoing LIFE projects in Croatia.

All participants and potential applicants were introduced to the new model of LIFE applications in 2018. The representatives of EU LIFE program shared their experience and presented thematic priorities and novelties of the new aplication form. Purpose of the EU LIFE program is to support projects with additional values that are bringing out innovative solutions to environmental and climate issues through sustainable co-financing.

LIFE Info day also included presentations of 11 different LIFE projects in Croatia. One of them was DRAVA LIFE with total value of 4.6 million euros funded with 60 percent from EU which makes it the biggest LIFE project currently conducted in Croatia. Leading partner in the project are Croatian Waters, other partners include Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment Green Osijek, WWF Austria and public institutions from Virovitičko-podravska county, Varaždinska county and Koprivničko-križevačka county.

The DRAVA LIFE project area covers a length of 310 km, and includes 4 Natura 2000 sites in an area of 67.800 hectares. Except for the part from Osijek to the confluence with the Danube (Kopački Rit Nature Park), the whole length of the Croatian Drava is included in the project.

LIFE Info Day was also attended by DRAVA LIFE project partners, Lidija Baras representing Croatian Waters, Branka Španiček and Denis Povijač from WWF Adria and Tatjana Arnold Sabo from Public institution for management of protected nature areas and ecological network of Virovitičko-podravska county.

DRAVA LIFE info dan
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© Denis Povijač Enlarge
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