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Are you donating or adopting an animal, and you also find this interesting?
What does an Adoption Certificate look like?
You can personalize the adoption certificate with your own message that you can send to yourself or someone else!
When will I receive the adoption certificate?
It's up to you. Want to buy a birthday or Christmas gift weeks in advance? In that case, you can pre-determine the date you want the person to receive it. Maybe you are buying a last-minute gift and need to send it soon. In that case, you get the certificate immediately.
Is certificate a gift?
Yes, you are actually donating for our living world and animals, and you are dedicating your donation to someone else. 

Do I adopt animals from the wild?
In a symbolic way, you adopt the chosen species, give something that inspires others and helps protect our living world. Your donation will be used to support WWF Adria in nature conservation locally and globally. You can read about our work here.
Why is this adoption symbolic?
WWF Adria helps endangered species by working on immediate threats to their conservation and protecting the environment in which they live. Of course, this is not about the direct adoption of an animal or even a family. Your donation is aimed at field programs in support of scientific work, research and study of animals. Adoption is symbolic in the sense that many animals benefit from your generous support.
One-time or recurring donation You can donate once or by allocating a certain amount each month. If you donate monthly, we will withdraw the agreed amount from your card each month, until you decide you no longer want to donate. 
Can I make a donation without a credit card?
You can also make a donation through a bank account:
WWF Adria
Zagreb, Hrvatska
BAN: HR7423600001502248999
After you do this, send us a confirmation of payment at donacije@wwfadria.org, and we will send you a certificate of adoption. If you are adopting an animal as a gift to a person dear to you, send us the recipient's e-mail, name and surname, and your personal message.
How long am I adopting for?
If you donate once, that's it. We will contact you from time to time to ask if you want to become our monthly donor. And if you immediately decide to support the work of our association on a monthly basis, we will charge your card every month. You decide how long it lasts: if you don't want to donate anymore, write to us at donacije@wwfadria.org and we will immediately stop the donation process.
Can I adopt an animal regardless of the country in which I live?
Yes, you can. See all the adoption options.
Will I receive news about my adopted animal?
You will receive various news from us, news related to our work, achievements or actions in which you can get involved. Of course, there will also be news about animals that can be adopted through our website.
How is adoption money spent?
The nature of our planet is rapidly disappearing, and money from adoption is helping us protect some of our most important species from direct threats like hunting or poaching, as well as indirect ones like habitat loss and climate change. The money from the adoption supports the work of WWF Adria, which, in cooperation with partners, builds awareness of the importance of coexistence of people and wildlife, and maintains a precious balance of life. Another major threat to this balance is crime against wild beasts and we are doing our best to stop it.
What is the refund policy?
Refund of donations is not a common request. However, we understand that there may be cases where a refund is required. For example, if a transaction was made twice by mistake or the card was misused.
The practice is to approach donors with empathy and understanding, developing lasting and reliable relationships. If you need information about your donation, send us an email at donacije@wwfadria.org and our friendly support team will be happy to help.
Can the donation serve the purpose of tax relief?
It depends on the state in which you are registered and the Income Tax Act. In most countries, donations of money to environmental associations are approved for up to 2% of annual income. We at WWF Adria can issue you a certificate of donation for tax relief. Ask for it at donacije@wwfadria.org.