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Okrugli stol 30x30
We must not allow fishermen to become waiters or restaurateurs!

The round table discussion on 'EU Biodiversity Strategy by 2030 - a Common Approach for Protecting 30% of the Adriatic Sea' provided answers to some ...

29 Sep 2023
Visit to Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve in the heart of the Amazon of Europe
WWF International's delegation on a fascinating expedition to the European Amazon

The distinguished delegation from WWF International explored the Serbian segment of this European Eden

13 Sep 2023
Dunja Mazzocco Drvar, direktorica programa zaštite prirode u WWF Adriji
Dunja Mazzocco Drvar is the new Director of the Nature Conservation Program at WWF Adria

Dunja will lead expert efforts to address key environmental challenges, promote sustainable practices, and advocate for policies that protect the ...

01 Sep 2023
Slovenija poplave
Devastating floods in Slovenia call for international joint action in fight against the climate change

Extreme climate changes caused by human activity have induced extreme natural disaster

07 Aug 2023
dan ekoloskog otiska - 2023
As of 2nd of August we live on ecological credit at the expense of nature!

This year Earth Overshoot Day lands on August the 2nd. This day marks the date when human demand for biological resources exceeds the Earth’s ...

02 Aug 2023
voda za sve
“Not even 1% of drinking water for 100% of life on Earth“

WWF Adria pointed importance of changing our usual activities when it comes to limited resource – drinking water by organizing performance and ...

07 Jul 2023
SWiPE event Cvjetni trg
HOWL OF THE WILD: Bear carcass in the middle of Zagreb for the salvation of nature

WWF published three audio monodramas to warn against terrible wildlife crimes

13 Jun 2023
WWF se zalaže za zabranu uporabe jednokratnih plastičnih proizvoda
WWF calls for a global ban on ‘harmful and unnecessary’ single-use plastic items

New technical reports outline high-risk plastics polluting the planet and shows global plastic bans, phase-outs and control measures are entirely ...

15 May 2023