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Nature positive by 2030
The future of nature is under serious question - the opportunity to secure it still exists

WWF has published new research that shows people are increasingly concerned about the state of nature and that government actions are seen as ...

01 Dec 2022
Climate pact for impact - workshop
Climate change awareness activities rounded off with a mural of gratitude to Mother Nature in Zagreb

Young people from four Croatian schools, led by WWF experts, discussed the role of humans in stimulating climate change, but also about potential ...

24 Oct 2022
Living Planet Report 2022
WWF’s Living Planet Report reveals a devastating 69% drop in wildlife populations on average in less than a lifetime

The newest edition of the Report provides the scientific evidence to back what nature has been demonstrating repeatedly: unsustainable human activity ...

13 Oct 2022
griffon vulture
New report shows the importance of discouraging wildlife crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

WWF launched a new national report about most common wildlife crimes, the most affected animals and recommendations for reducing such crimes.

11 Aug 2022
Carduelis carduelis
Wildlife crimes are a significant threat to the nature and people

A new WWF report shows that wildlife crime in Croatia most often affects birds such as European goldfinch, large carnivores and protected marine ...

10 Aug 2022
Tigers running in Nepal
Historical success! Nepal doubled the number of wild tigers

Congratulations to Nepal on this big step towards a bright future for tigers!

29 Jul 2022
Rijeka Bregava u BiH ugrožena je projektom Gornji horizonti
New report: Southeast Europe hydropower investment risks are high and rising

New report proves greenfield large hydropower investments face major risks

27 Jul 2022
European sturgeon (Acipenser sturio)
Worrying results of the IUCN assessment: sturgeons slipping towards extinction

Two-thirds of species are now critically endangered with one confirmed extinct, which makes sturgeon the world's most threatened group of species.

21 Jul 2022
Bunski kanal
No New Small Hydro in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s finally confirmed, there will be no new small hydro in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Parliament adopts a new Law

08 Jul 2022