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Due to unsustainable and irresponsible human activities, we risk turning the “great blue” into a blue wasteland. It’s time to treat this precious and sensitive shared resource with dignity and respect.

There is fewer and fewer fish in the sea, the seas and oceans are in a critical state, and this is not being talked about in public. Many people who live for the sea and from the sea, find it increasingly difficult to find catch and earn income. Few people can afford fish because there is none. To that extent, the price of fish is unacceptable to most.

For centuries, large expanses of the sea have been considered an inexhaustible source of food and other resources. We now know that 35% of global fishing resources is overexploited, and even 63% at the level of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

All of us who eat fish can participate in the change needed so that we don’t end up with more plastic than fish in the sea in the next 25 years. Read what we’re doing to restore the sea and take your part.

You can help, too!