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We know that one organization alone can’t affect the change needed. The changes we want to see in the world can only come about through the efforts of many, working together.

Nothing can be done alone

The challenges that the global environment is facing today are too big, too interconnected and too urgent for any organization to solve alone. The good news is we also have an unparalleled opportunity for positive change – the science is clearer, awareness is greater, and innovation more powerful than ever before.

Partnerships play a key role in WWF's efforts to influence the course of conservation. Lasting conservation is achieved through collaboration with a range of extraordinary partners including governments, local communities, businesses and individual donors. We leverage the strengths of these collaborations to achieve great success.

The corporate sector drives much of the global economy, so we consider that companies also have a specific responsibility to ensure that the natural resources and ecosystems that underpin their business are used sustainably.

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Partnering with other civil society organizations

We can redefine our relationship with nature, but we need to work together.
Partnering with WWF on sustainability and collaborating with others – whether at a local or a global level – can deliver results and visibility that would not otherwise be possible.

In almost 20 years of being a conservation presence in the Adria region, we have worked with many NGOs, including Green Home, Mladi istraživači Srbije, Sunce, INCA, Zelena akcija, Eko-Most, Zeleni Osijek, Zelena Istra, Greenpeace Croatia, BIOM, Žmergo, Coalition Dravska liga, Eko Pan.

Working with business

By working with business we aim to: promote better production and responsible sourcing of raw materials; encourage a switch to 100% renewable energy and away from fossil fuels; engage jointly on public policy; support the equitable sharing of natural resources; redirect financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management; raise awareness of the need to consume more wisely; and protect some of the world’s most ecologically important places.

In general, WWF works with companies in three ways:
Sustainable business: WWF works with companies to assess their environmental impact and build a strategic plan to reduce their impact in a way that will advance both conservation and the company’s business objectives.
Cause marketing: WWF engages with corporations to develop integrated consumer-facing campaigns that enable companies and their customers to show their support and to contribute actively to conservation.
Philanthropic giving: companies might also provide funding to help support specific WWF conservation initiatives and the local communities they serve.

Our Planet, Our Business

WWF is proud to release a new 40-minute online film called Our Planet: Our Business. This film, inspired by the original Netflix Our Planet series, highlights the economic value of nature to our society and shows how business can affect change at scale. Its aim is to help everyone understand what’s at stake if we continue with ‘business as usual’.



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