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© Darko Mihalić

We are empowering small-scale fishers to be part of co-management schemes and to look after natural resources to improve sustainability and the resilience of both marine life and communities.


Thousands of years of fishing traditions could be wiped away by less than a century's unsustainable lifestyle. Communities that depend on fishing to make a living are the most affected, as the increasingly impoverished and depleted marine resources are their only source of income.

Around 85% of fish stocks in the Mediterranean are overfished. A once rich sea is turning into an empty body of water. Conventional approaches to management have excluded local fishers from decision-making processes, and this is part of the problem.

Experience shows that when fishers are part of the decision-making process there are benefits for both biodiversity and for livelihoods. Setting up co-management schemes is a long process involving a range of stakeholders. Our biggest challenge is time.

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The sustainability of fisheries is threatened by pollution, habitat degradation, introduction of invasive species, overfishing and climate-driven changes to the marine world.

© Darko Mihalić

We are part of the largest ever initiative to strengthen small-scale fisheries management in the Mediterranean, including more than 20 sites in 6 Mediterranean countries. In Adria we are working to improve management in four pilot sites: Telašćica Nature Park, Lastovo Nature Park and Velebit Channel in Croatia, Strunjan Nature Park in Slovenia.

We are working to empower fisheries and coastal communities to take part in decision-making processes and become drivers of positive change by becoming active guardians of their natural resources.

We are striving to increase the well-being of fishers and their families by finding alternative ways to improve their sources of income. And we are building a co-management platform to share experiences and include all stakeholders in the region to implement and scale-up co-management schemes.


Spread the word about what we do and support us in our work with small-scale fishers and their families.