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We welcome the decision to establish the Nature Park "River Zeta"

The Government of Montenegro has made a significant step forward in protecting Montenegro's nature; now it is necessary to extend the protection to the headwaters of the Zeta river and implement this decision

Podgorica – WWF Adria and The Nature Conservancy welcome the decision of the Government of Montenegro to designate the lower reaches of the Zeta river as a protected area. This area is of outstanding value, it is the habitat of many native plant and animal species, and an exceptional natural monument where many communities have evolved throughout history. The Municipality of Danilovgrad, the Capital of Podgorica and the Government of Montenegro recognized the value of the Zeta River and opened the way to a better future for all who live in the area.

"This decision is the first step towards the complete protection of the Zeta river. It is now necessary to adopt the initiative of the WWF and the Ozone Ecological Association For the Green Zeta, which aims to protect the upper reaches of the river. By adopting this, the Zeta River would be protected in its entirety, in accordance with national legislation in the field of nature protection", welcomed the decision WWF Adria’s Milija Čabarkapa.

Montenegro has the opportunity to set an example for other countries in the region that the only path to the future where people and nature thrive is through nature protection and sustainable development. By extending protection to the upper reaches of the river, the entire area and its communities will have the opportunity to create new values based on nature conservation and sustainable development.

"While it is important to celebrate this decision by the government, in order for this decision to be so significant for Montenegro, it will be necessary to focus on law enforcement and effective governance of this protected area, with the cooperation of institutions and NGO partners", concludes Dragana Mileusnić from The Nature Conservancy.
Zeta River, Montenegro

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