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River Protection Precedent in Croatia: River Krupa Permanently Protected!

The entire landscape of the Krupa River is proclaimed cultural heritage

Though only 7 km long, the Krupa River is a breathtaking beauty carving a majestic karst canyon and cascading over 19 waterfalls. Its many natural, cultural and historical values have been recognized by locals and visitors alike, and now they are officially recognized by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, proclaiming the entire landscape of the Krupa River as cultural heritage.

This sets a precedent in river protection in Croatia and supports the regional initiative for the establishment of durable river protection mechanisms started by WWF and The Nature Conservancy. The Krupa River is the first river in the country under such protection, ensuring its preservation from any interventions or developments that would threaten to destroy this valuable landscape.

“The landscape shaped by the Krupa River is important for the preservation of diverse landscapes in the area. We are pleased that the Ministry of Culture recognized its importance and took the necessary steps to protect it. For several years now, WWF has been promoting the durable river protection mechanisms as one of the models for the protection of biological and landscape diversity, as well as free-flowing rivers. This decision shows that this model was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and the Zadar County, who submitted the proposal for the protection”, said Irma Popović Dujmović from WWF Adria.

The protection of the Krupa River brings needed attention to issues of river conservation and sets the way for protecting other such rivers in Southeast Europe.

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