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DINALPCONNECT - Transboundary ecological connectivity of Alps and Dinaric Mountains

WWF Adria is associate partner in the new Dinalpconnect project

The new Dinalpconnect project is launched with the objective to enhance the capacity in transnationally tackling environmental vulnerability, fragmentation, and the safeguarding of ecosystem services in the Adriatic-Ionian area. This Interreg Adrion project is implemented by 11 partners from 7 countries (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece).
The project is being implemented within the Interreg V-B Adriatic-Ionian ADRION programme 2014-2020. Ecological connectivity (EC) enables processes like gene flow, migration and dispersal of living organisms thus counteracting negative effects of habitat fragmentation and climate change. The project intervention aims to strengthen transnational and sectoral cooperation to improve EC throughout Dinaric Mountains, connecting them with the Alps enabling long term protection of biodiversity in view of current and future climatic changes. Both mountain ranges are exceptionally rich in biodiversity which is threatened by fragmentation and habitat loss.

To improve EC, eleven DINALPCONNECT partners from seven countries will establish a network of Pilot regions to strengthen transboundary linkages between Natura2000 sites and protected areas where EC will be explored and consolidated. Joint action plans for improved EC of transboundary habitats in Pilot Regions will be based on guidelines for agricultural and forestry practices protecting biodiversity. To support this, existing EU and national agriculture and forestry policies will be examined, giving suggestions for harmonization with EU legislation. Combining analytical results with expert knowledge exchanged during an international scientific conference and other events, the project will deliver a Strategy for ecological connectivity throughout Dinaric Mountains connecting them with the Alps.

NGO Dinarica is leading the capacity building for the network of stakeholders in transboundary Pilot regions for promoting ecological connectivity (work package 3). Together with partners, work package focus on improving transnational ecological connectivity, investing in biodiversity capital, knowledge exchange, and scientific work on ecological connectivity.

WWF Adria is associate partner to the project lead - Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, and supporting long-term partner in Bosnia & Herzegovina  NGO Dinarica.

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