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Children using underwater drones to explore maritime coastal environment and the changes that are taking place

In the project “Citizen Science: Measuring and Observing Seas”, children will have the opportunity, using robots with deep dive possibility, HD recording and a robotic arm, to explore their maritime coastal environment and make observations and record changes over time. Just like scientists.

Today, IRIM and its project partners - Croatian Makers (project lead), WWF Adria, The European Wergeland Centre, HGSS – Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, are starting a project which will give children the opportunity to explore their maritime coastal environment by using underwater robots with a robotic arm capable of 100 m depth dive, HD video camera and is able to measure environmental temperature. The project is financially supported by Mate Rimac.

The main activity will be constant (periodic) measurements of temperatures along selected water columns on several locations in the Adriatic Sea as well as documentation of development of points of interest like important habitats, invasive spaces propagation, accumulation of marine litter, etc.

Measurements and visual records will be constantly presented online and through crowdsourcing and a valuable record of climate and other changes will be created that will be useful to researchers in the future. In addition to involving children in the collection of valuable data, such involvement builds a sense of responsibility towards the sea and creates a generation of future citizens who are aware of the importance of preserving and quality management of the sea environment for their own coastal communities and the society at large. Their digital literacy are also build and children are being prepared for 21. st century professions in science and technology.

One of the main objectives is to develop curriculum for such projects globally, and leverage the project internationally.
The deadline for applications is October 17, 2021, and participants will be selected on October 24, 2021.
Robot delivery, initial education (online) and first measurement starts by November 7, 2021.

Find out more about the project here: https://seas.croatianmakers.hr/en/homepage/

Contact person: Mosor Prvan, mprvan@wwfadria.org

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