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New documentary “Blue Future” sheds light on blue jobs for young people in the Mediterranean

Renewable energy, sustainable tourism and fisheries: the collective documentary features three young individuals whose lives, jobs and future are connected to the sea and its protection.

The Mediterranean is one of the most economically important seas in the world, generating an estimated annual economic value of US$ 450 billion from sea-related activities, especially fishing and tourism. But this value is at risk, unless we rebuild healthy marine ecosystems and biodiversity in the region. Decades of ineffective protection of marine habitats and species and increasing pressures from unsustainable economic activities are jeopardizing the future of our sea and many people depending on it. The ecological decline of the Mediterranean mirrors the decline of our economic and social well-being, leading to record-high unemployment rates - especially among women and young people - and an increasing number of people slipping into poverty.

The documentary “Blue Future” produced by WWF and the COGITO project, shows the story of three young individuals from Croatia, Tunisia and Italy who have found ways to use their passion, education and skills to develop a more sustainable approach in three key sectors of our economy: fisheries, tourism and energy.

Marina is a researcher who is collecting scientific data to help fishers manage and rebuild the declining stocks of Norway lobsters after years of overfishing; Rania is an entrepreneur who has decided to launch ecotourism in the northern coasts of Tunisia to support local economies and traditions; and Simone is an engineer who has worked in Italy to develop a new type of renewable energy using sea waves and currents. Their stories demonstrate the enormous human potential in the region to develop new ideas, technologies and approaches to relaunch the Mediterranean economy and preserve the marine and land environment.

Their stories show the big human potential in the region to develop new ideas, technologies and approaches that will enable the prosperity of society, while at the same time protecting the marine and land environment. They show us that it is possible to create new jobs that at the same time protect the natural resources on which we depend.

Like Rania, Simone and Marina featured in our movie, thousands of people, especially the younger generations, are already dedicating their skills and passions to foster this new relationship with nature and build their lives in a new balance with the Mediterranean. They are brave, they have visions and competencies, but they can’t do this alone. 

They need governments to provide the right policies and stimulate public and private investments that can strengthen these initiatives on a national and international level. We hope this movie inspires many people in the region to work together towards a truly sustainable Blue Future for the Mediterranean Sea. 

Blue Future is a collective documentary by WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative, produced and distributed by WWF and the COGITO Project. It’s been written and filmed by an international group of filmmakers who also share a profound concern for the Mediterranean and its health: Ante Gugić from Croatia, Rabii Ben Brahim “The Dreamer'' from Tunisia, Emanuele Quartarone and Beatrice Surano from Italy. 

The movie is released in Croatia today in collaboration with Kino Mediteran od doma. Following the release date, on the 14th December at 18:30 there will be a Zoom BLUE TALK with one of the protagonists, Marina Mašanović, the filmmaker Ante Gugić and manager of the marine program at WWF Adria, Mosor Prvan.

Zoom link: https://wwf.zoom.us/j/95479726484?pwd=T0FYNHpXd0sxUUc5MXlpYXpEV3ZYUT09
(PASSCODE: 470619)

The film is available also with English subtitles, at: wwfmmi.org/bluefuture.
Blue Future sheds light on blue jobs for young people in the Mediterranean

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