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No New Small Hydro in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s finally confirmed, there will be no new small hydro in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Parliament adopts a new Law

Sarajevo - A historic decision for rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina was made yesterday when the House of Peoples representatives voted for a new Law Amending and Supplementing the Law on Energy, banning the construction of new small hydropower plants. With 33 votes for, 1 abstention, and no votes against, the new Law will finally put an end to new small hydro projects in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This decision is a testament to the resilience and perseverance of local communities and organizations working to end the wanton destruction of rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud to be a part of this movement and congratulate all the citizens of the Federation, as well as the representatives in both Houses of Parliament on this historic win”, said Irma Popovic Dujmovic from WWF Adria.

While the new Law prevents the issuing of permits for new small hydropower plants, projects in the pipeline still remain. Now the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and relevant ministries have the opportunity to continue the good work and reevaluate the existing projects to safeguard some of the last remaining free-flowing rivers in Europe.
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