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Placement of information boards on the significance of Mirusha Waterfalls

The organization for the protection of the environment, Ecopana, a representative of WWF Adria in Kosovo, in cooperation with the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Nature, has today placed informative boards about the significance of Mirusha Waterfalls as a Natural Monument of Special Importance. The purpose of placing these boards is to raise awareness among visitors about the ecological, scientific, aesthetic, cultural-historical, and touristic significance of the Mirusha Waterfalls.
The territory of Mirusha Waterfalls has a rich biodiversity, with about 330 species of vascular plants, 44 species of tall fungi, numerous species of animals, and dozens of rare species of aquatic insects. The newly installed information boards will contribute to environmental awareness and the sustainable development of this area.
“We are committed to working to preserve the unique natural heritage of the Mirusha Waterfalls. By placing these signs, we hope to promote responsible tourism and contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources", said Krenare Salihu from WWF Adria.
She explained that the activity for placing information boards was done within the project for the Mirusha dam, which is supported by two organizations: The Nature Conservatory (TNC) and Open Rivers Program (ORP), implemented by Ecopana/WWF Adria in cooperation with the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, the Municipality of Malisheva, the University of Pristina as well as other relevant institutions. The dam in Mirusha was built illegally between 2011 and 2013 initially for hydropower production, but now serves no purpose. The studies carried out within the framework of this project in Kosovo for the Mirusha dam show that its influence has been harmful for the flora and fauna.

"During 2023, we conducted professional studies on the Mirusha River, one of the most important left branches of the White Drin. These studies focused on the impact of the dam on biodiversity and the environment, including hydrological and static aspects, as well as safety considerations. We are currently in discussions with the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning, and Infrastructure, as well as the Municipality of Malisheva, to make decisions for the best possible solution. Our priority is the well-being of the residents living nearby, the rich aquatic fauna, and the overall environment," added Krenare Salihu.
Sami Behrami from the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection thanked Ecopana/WWF Adria for support in setting up the information boards. "These signs are of special importance since those who visit Mirusha will be better informed about the values of the waterfalls and the natural potential that this area possesses. Due to these values, in 2012, by a government decision, this area was protected as a natural monument of special importance with an area of about 600 hectares", he emphasized.
The director of the Directorate for Urbanism in the municipality of Malisheva, Avdi Morina, during the placement of the information boards, emphasized the importance of greater local and central institutional care for the protection of the Mirusha Waterfalls.
Mirusha Waterfalls

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