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Nataša Kalauz - New CEO of WWF Adria

Expert in the field of business development, investments, and development strategies to lead a regional office of the World Wide Fund for Nature

ZAGREBNataša Kalauz, an expert in the field of business development, investments, and development strategies, is the new Executive Director of WWF Adria, the regional office of the World Wide Fund for Nature, based in Zagreb, Croatia. In addition to Croatia, WWF Adria operates in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia.
Holding a master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies, Nataša Kalauz has proven herself by leading complex international programs throughout Western Balkans. She gained business experience as a consultant for strategic planning in the Government of the Republic of Croatia, as a member of the Croatian National Competitiveness Council, and as a consultant for the development of policies to support small and medium enterprises. Also, she was the Program Lead at UNDP Croatia, where she gained expertise in sustainable development. As Director of the International Trade Department at the British Embassy in Zagreb, Nataša gained experience in leading a large team of policy and trade advisers in 11 countries in the region. Last two years, she was a partner in a consultancy firm.
“I’m extremely happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of nature in our region! Although I’m not a biologist by profession, my experience at UNDP has familiarized me with nature conservation issues and the importance of sustainable development. I’m convinced that I will help to position WWF Adria as a leading organization for nature conservation. Thanks to many years of experience in leading teams, I believe that I will successfully lead a team of 70 experts across the region, to mutual satisfaction”, said Nataša Kalauz, who comes to WWF with extensive fundraising experience from the private, governmental, and non-governmental sectors.
WWF is one of the world’s largest and most reputable independent nature conservation organizations. In its 60 years of existence, with presence on all continents and in more than a hundred countries, the organization has attracted almost six million followers. In our region, WWF has been working for more than two decades through partnerships with other NGOs. WWF Adria was officially founded in 2015, aiming to improve the sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems, forests and protected areas, conservation of marine areas, and wildlife protection through close cooperation with local communities.

For more information:
Petra Boić Petrač, Communications and Fundraising Director at WWF Adria, +385912905976,
Nataša Kalauz is a nature enthusiast, especially fond of happy days vacationing in the Dolomites

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