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WWF Adria job opening: Finance & Administration Officer, Kosovo

WWF Adria is seeking Finance & Administration Officer to work on a PA4NP program in Kosovo.

Ecopana - WWF representative and partner is seeking a Finance & Administration officer to work on a PA4NP program.

The program is laying a foundation for the engagement of local communities in the management of protected areas and strengthens the constituency for influencing and monitoring national policies for environment. The program will help Protected Areas to increase their role in local social and economic development and become more valued and supported by their constituents. The program is targeting groups that are marginalised to some extent within these areas, such as women, people with different ethnic background, age groups and socio-economic status. Second, the program will build a strong constituency for influencing and monitoring national policies for environment. The program is structured to maximize the collaboration and potential for lessons-learning within the region, and build opportunities to integrate lessons learned at the local level into national policies.
  • Supports on ensuring the compliance of Ecopana operations with local legal requirements (taxes financial reporting, human resources management)  in Kosovo
  • Ensures that request of funds to Project donors is done according to funding agreements’ conditions and on a timely basis.
  • Is responsible for the administrative management of contracts inherent with the implementation of Ecopana operations and conservation projects (e.g. rental and other service contracts, purchase orders for goods and equipment, and similar) ensuring fulfillment of legal and tax duties and timely payment according to the contractual conditions.
  • Prepares employment contracts for the Ecopana staff, ensuring the compliance with the Kosovar legislation. Ensures that Ecopana staff is paid on timely basis and in compliance with the contractual requirements and the local legislation. Ensures that Ecopana Employees taxes and social charges are paid according to the local legislation and on timely basis.
  • Prepares and administer contracts with Ecopana Project Partners or external consultants and companies for the implementation of the Ecopana operations and projects. Ensures that contractors are paid on timely basis and in compliance with the local legislation and contractual requirements
  • At least 3 years’ experience working finance & administration.
  • Experience in financial reporting and budget preparing.
  • Fluent in spoken and written Albanian, English and Serbian (or other understandable language in the region).
  • Know how to use digital tools innovatively and persuasively.
  • Adheres to values, which are: Knowledgeable, Optimistic, Determined and Engaging.
  • Experience with the issues and priorities of Ecopana, including e.g. environment and nature conservation, and work for an environmental organisation is an advantage but not a necessity,
  • Reliable and organized person with a team spirit and willingness to work in international and multicultural environment. 
  • CV in English or Croatian (or one of local languages);
  • Copy of University Degree;
  • Letter of Interest in English or Croatian (or one of local languages) with two references.
The position is based in Prishtina, Kosovo.
Ecopana is offering a competitive salary at the level of Finance & Administration officer, and an annual contract with possibility of extension. Position duties require frequent travel and irregular working hours.
Interested candidates should submit their application with required documents by e-mail to rrezniqi@wwfadria.org by 28 Ferbuary 2016. The selected candidates will be interviewed on 01 March 2016.

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