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If we are to conserve water, we need better water management

Water is not an infinite resource that we have at our disposal, so we must change the way we manage this limited, but vital and irreplaceable resource.

Of all the water resources on our planet, less than 1 percent is usable. On World Water Day, which is celebrated on March 22, the World Conservation Organization (WWF) invites decision makers, but also all citizens, to raise awareness of the importance of water, protect water resources and contribute to the conservation of irreplaceable resources without which life on Earth would not be possible.
While climate extremes are becoming more pronounced every year, global water demand is growing every year and is estimated to grow by up to 55 percent by 2050, mostly due to growing production. At the same time, almost two-thirds of the world's population faces water reductions for at least one month a year. The challenges and risks of drinking water availability will increase every year if we do not change the way we treat water and realize that the tap will dry up once.
Our region is rich in sources of drinking water, which is why we often take its availability for granted. For decades, our water resources have been poorly managed - from wastewater and waste pollution, the construction of small hydropower plants and unsustainable dams to the uncontrolled excavation of gravel and sand, deforestation along rivers, concreting and sewage of natural watercourses. The greatest sacrifice of this "development" will be made by all of us.
"Unfortunately, decision makers continue with harmful projects that endanger the survival of all living beings. Instead of continuing negative practices that accelerate the loss of nature and thus available drinking water, it is time to focus on rebuilding rivers and wetlands, working to remove obsolete, dysfunctional barriers, implementing nature-based solutions, and supporting sustainable business practices,” said Zoran Mateljak, Freshwater Program Manager at WWF Adria and added that each of us can be part of the solution.
Even the smallest actions, such as proper waste disposal, choosing sustainable products, or closing the tap when we are not using water, can help reduce the risk of water loss. We invite you today, on World Water Day, to decide to be part of the solution to conserve water. Are you ready to fight for your human right?
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