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In 2019, WWF commissioned an independent panel of experts to review how we responded to reports of human rights abuses by some government rangers in complex and remote landscapes in Central Africa, India, and Nepal where we work. ‘Embedding Human Rights in Nature Conservation - from Intent to Action’ is the resulting report published in November 2020 which included 50 general recommendations covering WWF’s work and an additional 29 specific actions relating to country-level programs.

In the WWF Management Response, we addressed each recommendation, with either an explanation of steps already taken, or planned work, or a commitment to address an issue.  This consultation on our environmental & social safeguards and social policies was a planned activity, as the commitment to consult was made at the time of adoption of the ESS Framework by the WWF network in 2019. It is the first time that WWF has undertaken such an extensive, global consultation on policy documents and therefore represents an important point in our goal for greater engagement and transparency.
This public consultation is a starting point for continuous dialogue. We are open to all kinds of feedback; from top level comments to in-depth questions or recommendations. The survey includes questions about your nationality, type of work and your relation to WWF activities for the purpose of ensuring a representative analysis of the results. We will also ask for contact details in order to enable follow-up on results after closing of the consultation. 

The information you provide will be held by us. It will only be used for the purpose of the consultation. We will treat your identity in confidence if you disclose it to us. We may publish views; however, we will not attribute individual names to any of those views.

Please join our public consultation by following this link and help us improve our work, reaching greater levels of transparency and engagement.
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