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Global brands remove nature from logos for WWF’s #WorldWithoutNature digital activation

  • The world’s best-loved brands and sports team will team up once again as part of WWF’s #WorldWithoutNature, to rally against nature loss
  • On World Wildlife Day (3 March), #WorldWithoutNature will prompt audiences to look twice as brands remove iconic nature images from their logos.
  • This year’s #WorldWithoutNature comes hot on the heels of a defining year for nature following a historic global agreement in Montreal to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030.
On World Wildlife Day, WWF’s #WorldWithoutNature digital activation returns this year (3 March 2023) with some of the world’s most popular brands once again teaming up to rally against the emptiness of a world without nature. 

As part of WWF’s #WorldWithoutNature, brands, NGOs and sports teams around the globe will remove images of nature from their branding, across websites and digital platforms, as well as digital billboards. The aim is to drive awareness of nature and biodiversity loss, by prompting audiences to look twice at well-known logos which, for one day only, will remove iconic images of wildlife and biodiversity. The eye-catching digital digital activation will also give brands the chance to raise awareness about the planet’s rapid loss of biodiversity among their own supporters. 

Some of the world’s most popular brands are taking part this year, including the digital language learning app Duolingo, as well as Old Mout Cider, Gorilla Glue, Taskrabbit, Gymshark and Brewdog.

As sports teams across the world continue to be an increasingly important voice in the fight against climate change and nature loss, many teams will continue that trend by getting involved with WWF’s #WorldWithoutNature. That includes a number of the world's top football teams including Aston Villa and Wolves in the UK, as well as US-based football team, The Philadelphia Union.

Now in its third year, #WorldWithoutNature comes hot on the heels of a defining year for nature. In October 2022, WWF published its latest Living Planet Report, which revealed a staggering 69% average decline of global wildlife populations in less than fifty years. WWF warns that the world’s continued overexploitation of wild species and destruction of habitats is driving the loss of wildlife we’re seeing - which poses immense social and economic risks, in addition to the catastrophic consequences for the planet. Since then,  the world committed to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030 under the Global Biodiversity Framework adopted by 196 countries in December at COP15 – an agreement that WWF is now urging governments, businesses and financial institutions to deliver on.
Felicity Glennie Holmes, Executive Director for Communications & Marketing, WWF International: ”We want this year’s #WorldWithoutNature to make audiences think twice about the beauty and nature that we’ve long taken for granted, but which is quickly disappearing before our eyes. We need more people, more than ever to get behind our efforts to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030. That’s exactly why we’re asking some of the world’s best-loved brands and sports teams to show the world what nature loss could look like. We’re delighted to see so many brands get involved as part of this year’s #WorldWithoutNature digital activation.”

General Manager of Commercial Growth, Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C, Russell Jones: “As a football club, Wolves is delighted to once again team up with WWF as part of this year's #WorldWithoutNature, where we'll be removing the wolf from our iconic crest as a show of solidarity for a crucial cause. We hope that more like-minded brands can stand alongside us and WWF to raise awareness for what might become a sad reality in the future – a world without animals and nature."

WWF’s #WorldWithoutNature digital activation was originally the brainchild of One Minute Briefs, an online community of creatives and designers led by the Bank of Creativity. Visit One Minute Briefs’ Twitter for more information. 

Later in March and as part of WWF’s wider efforts to celebrate nature, WWF will also celebrate the Biggest Hour for Earth as part of this year’s Earth Hour 2023 (25 March 8:30pm local time). As landmarks and homes across the planet take part in the iconic switch off, WWF is inviting individuals and communities across the world to take a break from their routine and everyday distractions before spending 60 minutes doing something positive for our planet and the nature around us. 

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